Dishdasha Dilemma

A problem that is perplexing one half of the Kuwaiti populace is what dishdasha to wear these days. I am not refering to the color but of the material. Should it be cotton meaning a summer dishdsha, or wool meaning a winter dishdasha?

You will really stand out and be odd looking and out of place if you make the mistake of wearing the wrong season's dishdasha. A few rules that you can follow to help you out in this dilemma follow:

1) Watch Kuwait TV, I know it has been ages since you last saw it but watch any way. Look at the Kuwaiti news reader, what dishdasha is he wearing ?

2) Look at the people in uniform, especially the police, did they switch to winter uniform?

3) My favorite rule, and one followed by all brown nosers loyal employees, is look at your superiors at work, the higher his position in the hierarchy the better, what season dishdasha is he wearing ? Follow the leader, as they say, you can't go wrong there because your boss is never wrong.

4) The most important rule is, if you decide to switch, you cannot go back to your old color. You will experience great shame if you do.

I am still wearing a white summer dishdasha for those who are interessted.


  1. Hahahaha true Kuwaiti :P

    Ever obsessed with looks.

  2. Interesting !
    Those tips shud come in handy , btw it's been a while since i last visited ur blog ;)

  3. Brave Cat: Hehe, just stating the rules.

    Zaboo6a: Come back for more fun stuff.