Trading Blogs and my two new friends, Fannie and Freddy

With the meltdown of the US market, here are some trading blogs that I follow.

I did not lose any money, in fact I made more than I ever did last week, not by shorting stocks because it has been stopped but by buying Fannie Mac [FNM] and Freddie May [FRE] while they where rising during a short squeeze. Extremely risky and stupid but it paid off.



On Tuesday, 23 September I bought FRE @ 0.97 and FNM @ 0.96, and I sold both the next day with FRE @ 1.92 and FNM @ 1.84.

Close to a 100% return, Kaching!


Word for Today: Finlandization

Finlandization: is the influence that one powerful country may have on the policies of a smaller neighboring country.

More here.

Quoting from Wikipedia:

During the period of Finlandization freedom of speech was limited. Public libraries removed from circulation books, more than 1,700 titles, that were deemed anti-Soviet and bookstores were given catalogs of banned books.[1] The Finnish Board of Film Classification likewise banned movies that it considered to be anti-Soviet. Banned movies included The Manchurian Candidate, directed by John Frankenheimer in 1962, and Born American by Finnish director Renny Harlin in 1986.

Is history repeating itself? Is Kuwait being gradually Finlandized because of its powerful neighbors?


Hilarious Parrot

This parrot starts all proper and religious, then ends up partying. Funniest thing I ever saw.


Viva - not too original

The new Saudi third mobile operator in Kuwait has named itself VIVA. It chose a bright colored logo with a fun sounding name and you can expect massive ad carpet bombing all over kuwait announcing its arrival on the mobile market.

Here is a picture of the logo (I borrowed this from Some Contrast) :

Viva Saudi Mobile in Kuwait

Quite a few nice comments about the logo, but unfortunality, no originality, just a copy. That logo exists already and is used by an Indonesian mobile operator called Axis. Check it out here.


Kurt Vonnegut Writing Style

Here are some tips from Kurt Vonnegut about how to write. I will keep it short and simple so here are the tips.


Jerry and Bill Ad number 2

Another Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfield ad.

You must admit, they are entertaining. The older ad is here.

3baid explained the first ad in a way that made sense by saying, "It's basically talking about "flexibility" and then Jerry asks if we'll ever see something that "works" the way it should and Bill gives the ok."


Your ATM pin revealed!

Your secret ATM pin that stands between you and your millions, ok maybe a few hundreds, lying in your bank account has now been revealed. It is published on the Internet and now no one is safe.

If you want to see your PIN, or others, you can find it here.

Note: This site is for educational use only, I am not responsible for any criminal or malicious use of the information shown.


Play the Egg

Here is one little fun flash game about bouncing an egg around. Very fun and helps you pass the time as you wait for futoor, or su7oor.

Play the Egg is here.