Quqa Resigns from Global

I just read on Charts and Numbers that Omar Quqa resigned. I never heard of Omar Quqa but was curious to know who this guy with a funny name was. I googled him and came across this Global Investment page with the downloadable pictures of its main most important officers and among them Omar Quqa. What amused me was that all had high resolution pictures, I mean mega high as follows:

Maha Al Ghuneim 2835 × 3780 pixels = 10,716,300

Omar Quqa 2898 × 3408 pixels = 9,876,384

Khawla Al Roomi 2183 × 3048 pixels = 6,653,784

Bader Al Sumait 480 × 677 pixels = 324,960

The highest was Maha with over 10 million pixels, followed by Omar meaning he must have been pretty important, Khawla follows with 6 million. Bader only has a measly 0.3 million, he must be out of favor from the powers that be or he must be doing something wrong.

Check out the high res pics on this page.

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