Kindle for Mac Now Available for Download, or rather not.

I was going to announce that kindle for Mac was available from Amazon, then as I went to the webpage, I was told that it is not available for Kuwait, and I had to move to a new country. I know I could lie and say I moved to the States or some other country where it will let me download Kindle, but why should I do that? Its an application, just let me download it and sell me the ebooks. My money is just as good as anyone else's.

I tried to do the right thing, now let me go back to downloading torrents, its easier and available in Kuwait.

Here is a great book from Amazon to tell you just how you can download stuff also, BitTorrent For Dummies


  1. isn't it cuz books are controlled in Kuwait ? i wouldn't think its the issue of your money vs other

  2. I think it's more about publishing houses and their legacy agreements on where to distribute the books geographically. They don't realize that restricting books that way would allow copies to thrive instead.