Best Way to Watch a Movie on an iPad

I downloaded a movie on my iPad and was looking for the most comfortable way to watch.
I tried sitting down with my iPad flat on the table but my back got bent worse than the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Next I tried sitting on the bed, but again I was crouching forward, and almost fell forward especially during the boring parts of the movie and my arms got tired holding the iPad.

Finally I found the perfect position.

Rest your head on the pillow, your legs bent, iPad resting on your legs and your hands holding it steady. Careful not to doze off.


  1. LOL! I've got the winner position of them all! :P

    Put a pillow on your lap, get the Apple iPad Case and fold it so that it sits at an angle, the microfiber material will stick to your pillow material and viola you've got the best angle ;) Bend your legs as you see fit to make it right.

    Oh and don't forget to sit in a pitch dark room so you can enjoy a True Cinema Experience :P

  2. @jacqui your position is the winner.

    What do you think of the graphics? I used Doodle Buddy app on the iPad :) I think I got a new career in art or comic books.

  3. Hehehe I love the graphics I enjoy watching videos on it and reading books it's freakin' awesome!

    And yeah I had learned to master a few positions, one of my other favorites is to lie on your side and create an arm from the duvet cover and a pillow while setting the ipad next to you as if you're attempting to hug it while viewing a movie and just watching a movie on it, it works greatly when you get tired of sleeping on ur back :D