Kuwait House Blues

Once upon a time, I bought a house in Kuwait. There where no roads to this house and it was built in the middle of the desert. There where other houses around also built in the middle of the desert.

The house was sitting on a pile of sandy road.

The nice people of the Kuwait government decided to build a road in front of my new house and I was ever so grateful.  A road is much better for the car and for not getting sand in my sandals.

Unfortunately the freshly made road, was much lower than than the level of my house by almost two meters so I could not get into my house. So instead of complaining, I built a nice staircase going all the way down to the road.

All was well, I could get into my house, I had my nice government built road and it was a happy house.
Four years later, something shocking happened.

I come home and find a big yellow sticker stuck to my house, saying that I am taking land from the government and I should only extend my stair case by one and a half meters. If I don't, the government is going to come over with a bulldozer and scrape away my staircase.

That made me sad, my house was almost two meters above street level, and If I was only to use one and half meter extension for the stairs, no one could possible climb those stairs. It was a dilemma.

This story is not over yet, I heard that I am not the only one with that problem and that the nice people in the government are going to reconsider and let us keep our staircases so we can get into our houses.

Let us hope for the best, otherwise I don't know what can be done.

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  1. lol that was nice,, so true :)

    we're waiting part 2 ...