Vote for Lujain

Lujian for parliament, oh wait, she's too young, maybe more competent but not old enough yet.

Ok, seriously, vote for Lujain here on the I love Kuwait competition on P0ach's blog.

Reasons to vote for Lujain.

She is the most articulate.
She has the best points.
Her sister told me to.
And last but not least, how can you not vote for someone so adorable.

vote for Lujain.


  1. She dances and sings too :P I taught her how to record videos on her iMac with iMovie and I came home one day I saw her videos, she was doing a "Fashion Show" and singing along to songs like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and so much more LOL!

    Definitely charismatic :D

  2. I love aziz and I wanted to vote for him but then something made me watch the other videos and surprisingly the best two were of the youngest contestants. I chose Lujain though because she's a new comer and she could use the support :)