Kuwait and Egypt

While reading a news article from AFP about the new parliament and the Emir's speech I noticed the little map in the sidebar showing where Kuwait is located in the world.

Kuwait is in Egypt

Notice that Kuwait is located right on top of Alexandria, Egypt.

I know it is holiday season and half the Kuwaitis will be vacationing in Egpyt, and the other half somewhere in Europe, but I don't remember the country moving there. Could it be the large Egyptian Expat population in Kuwait has decided to make us part of Egypt, since they are running the goverment sector anyway?

News Article is here.


  1. It's not their fault! its Google maps fault!
    I dont know why?! bs when I search for KUWAIT CITY it takes me to same location but when I type KUWAIT it takes me 2 kuwait!! weird :s

  2. bb: maybe Kuwait is really in Egypt? Like the Vatican is in Rome, Italy.