My iPod has gone psychic

iPod Touch Treasure map

Something strange happen today. I used to carry a pocket notebook and write down things I need to do or little notes that I need to remember. Now in this day and age, I use my Nokia mobile to update my calendar with todo's and appointments. My mobile is synced with my Exchange Entourage client on the my Mac. This means, whatever I write on my calendar, is updated on my Mac. The exchange calendar is linked to my iCal calendar and the iCal calendar is hooked to my google mail calendar. My iPod touch is synced through my iTunes and includes my music, contacts and calendar.

This means all my life events are fully synced together, from mobile to email to web calendar to ical all the way to my MP3 player.

So today, at work, I wrote a small note reminding me to do something urgent on my mobile. My iPod touch was sitting snugly in its cradle back at home. It was anchored to my house wifi although it was not doing anything. I come back from work, play my music and I get an alert with the reminder I wrote on my mobile appearing on my iPod.

I did not sync my iPod, somehow, from somewhere it got synced!?! or it inherited psychic powers after the most recent firmware upgrade I did a few days ago.

How did that happen? Is it a new firmware feature ? Is it through the Internet it was connected to ? I have no idea, I am completely baffled. It is pretty cool in a spooky way but I have no idea how it happened.

Does anyone know?


  1. wow

    Did you connect ur iPod touch with VPN connection to the office ?

    if thats the case , then its explained . otherwise , there isnt a way that this could happen .

    if you found out how , just let me know please


  2. R'teer: My ipod is not connected to any vpn, only wifi

    blasha: No, I dont.

    Anon: It is cool, but impossible to explain.

  3. Mystery is solved!!!

    I just realized how I got my iPod touch to get all my info, after the last firmware upgrade, the iPod supported Exchange as a mail client. I set it up with the proper info but never got to test it because I did not have wifi at the time. Coming back home, my iPod hooked up to the wireless network and synced with the exchange. Very cool :)