Nefertiti Denied

The BBC states that "German officials have ruled out returning an ancient bust of Queen Nefertiti to Egypt - saying it is too fragile to be transported". The bust was stolen and smuggled out of Egypt and Germany states that it acquired it legally.

Let us turn the tables around here, let us say a few hundred Mercedes cars where stolen from the German streets and smuggled out of Germany to Egypt and sold at a nice discount in Cairo. I don't think the Germans would mind. They are keeping Nefertiti and saying it is legal, so this would be cool with them.

About this excuse of the bust being too fragile and not being able to move it, the Germans allegedly built the safest cars in the world being able to withstand collisions of 100 km per hour or more. I'm sure your engineers can put the Nefertiti statue inside one of those cars and ship it over to Egypt with an apology for not returning it sooner.

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  1. As someone who has visited the Ancient Egyptian museum in Cairo and Berlin. I am glad the Germans didn't send it back to Egypt.

    Their is no respect for ancient culture in Egypt, just look at what is happening to the Pyramids there is a city being bult around it. You'd think they would protect their major natural treasure. Also I wont go into the state of their museums.

    Nefertiti belongs in Berlin where she is protected and respected.