Reasons to hate Rain

There are so many reasons to hate rain, let me list ten of them:

  1. People are not vegetables, like carrots or potatoes, and don't need water falling from the sky to make them grow. Water in bottles labeled Evian or Perrier is a better alternative.
  2. I don't enjoy driving my car in 1 meter of water because the road is flooded.
  3. I don't appreciate traffic caused by cars slowing down for puddles of water.
  4. People drive worse than they usually do when it rains.
  5. The sky gets grey and depressing when it is raining.
  6. You can ruin an expensive suit if it rains when you are outside.
  7. Perfectly good shoes get crap stuck on them because of the rain.
  8. You can get pneumonia or other nasty winter disease if you get caught in the rain outside.
  9. Houses start leaking when it rains.
  10. Cars get dirty when it rains.
I hope you share my hate for rain, and wishing everyone a bright sunny day.


  1. I don't experience a lot of rain so I've got to say that rain is lovely :)

  2. I want to experience rain as little as possible, maybe watch it on TV, but not be under it.