iPad Addons I want to see

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The iPad is out. I wont repeat all its lovely features, you can always check them out at the Apple web site. I personally like it, a lot of grumbling is going on about how closed it is. Gadget geeks compare it to a laptop which it isn't and complain about its closedness and no multitasking. These critics are missing the point, the iPad is an appliance, that does all the functions it offers in an intuitive seamless simple way. When you buy a TV, you don't expect to hack it. The same applies to a washing machine, you don't want to tweak its spin cycle. The iPad will apeal to the greater non technical masses and I feel it will be a big success especially at the very reasonable price point of around $500.

There are some add ons that I would love to see on the iPad, among them are powerful but tiny speakers, the sort Bose excels at. The speakers in Apple laptops are ok, but I need a powerful bass and high decibels of sound for my music.

It would be great if my iPad can act as my master remote, I got my TV remote, receiver remote, DVD system remote, satellite receiver remote all lying next to me. I want to get rid of these and just have my iPad be my remote with a simple interface and some TV programs pulled of the web to not only select the channel I want to view but which programs I want to see.

A high powered projector would be awesome too, I can display the movies I play on the wall with the high powered speakers blasting away in 5.1 emulated surround sound.

I want a printer on the iPad. I even figured out a way of putting one on it. You place your specially treated sheet of paper on the screen, and then the screen blasts the paper with laser or ultraviolet and it imprints on the paper. Voila, instant software printer. (If anyone takes this idea and makes it a product, I want my cut)

I want a scanner on my iPad. Again the concept is simple, just place your paper on the screen and the paper is scanned in your iPad. Now how to do it is slightly tricky, but I am sure the geniuses at Apple can figure it out.

Put in a Camera for all the Internet geeks complaining and crying for one. I personally can't see myself or other taking the iPad and pointing it at something or someone to take a picture, it would look very silly, but the masses have spoken so give them a camera.

One thing I do want is the iPad to be waterproof, so I can read it while floating in my swimming pool, or in my bathtub. I also need the iPad to be buoyant, so in case I let go of it, I don't want it to sink to the bottom of the pool and have me diving for it.


  1. The first paragraph is right on the money. As for the rest, dream on.

  2. @computerchi not really, I saw all those options offered as add ons for the iPhone and iPod touch except for the scanner and printer, why not the iPad?