Questions that need answers

Here are some questions that need answers:

  1. Why do people jump up as soon as the plane lands and is still moving towards the airport, standing up and grabbing their bags and squeezing together like sheep? It takes almost 10-15 minutes before the doors are even open after landing.
  2. When there is an awkward silence, someone must check his / her cell phone although it did not beep or ring or shake or flash.
  3. You rush into a room in your place, then you stand in the middle of the room not knowing why you where in such a hurry to go there.
  4. When you trip and fall flat on your face, the first thing you do is quickly look around to see if anyone saw you fall on your face, instead of checking any damage to yourself.
  5. Why do we drink vile disgusting tasting stuff like Grapefruit juice or Green tea religiously just because someone somewhere said it was good for us?
  6. This raises another question, why do things good for us taste vile and disgusting, why isn't milk shake and an extra everything quarter pounder burger not good for us?
  7. Ever sleep in the afternoon and wake up when it is dark and you don't know what day it is ?
  8. Why do we walk around the house when we are talking on our mobile, although we where sitting down just before  the mobile rang ?
  9. Why is it when we are greeted by someone and we don't recognize them, we pretend to know them and become Sherlock Holmes trying to pick up clues in what they are saying to remember who they are ?
  10. Why do people ask about your family and how they are when they don't even know them or even care ?
  11. Why does a phone ringing take first priority over a room full of people you are talking to right in front of you?

Here are the Doors, telling us "People are Strange"


  1. check this song