Earth must prepare for close encounter with Aliens, says scientists

Recent headlines from different web sites and newspapers stated that

100 tons of dead sardines were found in Brazil over the weekend.

500 small birds dropped to their deaths in Baton Rouge.

3,000 red-winged blackbirds died in Arkansas

and many more, there is even a map for it

View Mass Animal Deaths in a larger map

now this news item from the Guardian themselves saying that Earth must prepare for close encounter with Aliens.

They go on to say:

World governments should prepare a coordinated action plan in case Earth is contacted by aliens, according to scientists.

They argue that a branch of the UN must be given responsibility for "supra-Earth affairs" and formulate a plan for how to deal with extraterrestrials, should they appear.

I think you can see the how these events are connected.

More on the Alfockalypse of 2011.

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