The Loans Issue in Kuwait

Have a look at this video about clearing the debt of Kuwaiti citizens.

It would be nice to have your debts cleared by the government and maybe get some extra cash but come on boys and girls (in the video) you make it sound like you are dying of hunger and your means of transportation is a skinny donkey that you have not fed for the last 3 days. Rather you are wearing the latest fashions and holding the latest mobiles and I can bet your luxury limousine is parked nearby with the driver waiting for you to bark your orders on his mobile.

Here is another video of the parliament session that was held a few days ago.

Sa3at yfashloon rabi3na.


  1. OK...WHAT???!?!? the governemnt pardons ur loans??? and then u might even get money back??!?!?! WHAT??!?!? I am in the wrong country :((

  2. ooh yeah, the video is not viewable anymore :P

  3. vie: that's the idea, it was already done once after Kuwait was liberated by the US from Iraq's invasion in 1990/ 1991. Unfortunately at that time I had 0 debt, this time also I got 0 debt.

    About the youtube video, I think it got removed by whoever posted it. It had a scene of one Kuwaiti lady fuming and spitting at the parliament speakers.

  4. WOW...u had and have 0 debt....

    I wish the govt would do that here ...hehe I am so in debt its starting to scare me...i think some of the companies I owe will soon attempt to hurt me in order to get me to pay them LOL

    and the bad part is that i still wont pay them :P