Having Decaplets

I found a cool little widget that shows the growth of a baby in a mother's womb in Nzingha's blog.

I thought it was very cool, you could see the progress of the baby as it develops and grows. I went to the widget options and saw you could have up to 10 babies. So I set up my own Baby Ticker with Decaplets (or 10 babies) and want to see how they progress. You can see it on the right hand column of my blog page.

No, I am not pregnant nor is anyone in my immediate social circle, it is just for fun.

Ten babies, now that would be an instant family, 280 days until birth.


  1. Congratulations! Thought of any names so far?

  2. n: not yet, I got 9 months to come up with names.

    shoush: thanks, check in every day to see how the kids progress.

  3. Mommy's decaplets? LOL

    Hi mommy :P

  4. So this isn't true, right?

    So if I had five and five (equal amount of girls and boys) I would name them

    Joel Walker

    Aiden Mark

    Maddox Benjamin

    Zachariah James

    Caleb Joseph

    Emma Ruth

    Leah Hope

    Faith Margaret

    Madison Rebekah

    Mikelyn Anna