Saudi Arabia to lift ban on women drivers

Saudi Arabia is to lift its ban on women drivers in an attempt to stem a rising suffragette-style movement in the deeply conservative state.

Government officials have confirmed the landmark decision and plan to issue a decree by the end of the year.

More from the Telegraph here.

The streets of Saudi Arabia have just become much more dangerous, can we expect more driving like this?


  1. I lived there. Women can't be worse than the 11 year olds DRIVING because their moms can't and so need their little sons to drive for them. If there is a licensing process for people, it isn't enforced. Riyadh was the most terrifying driving I have seen in the world. Maybe women will be a civilizing factor, insh'allah. :-)

  2. It's about time!... As long as they don't do what I blogged about yesterday :)

  3. wow, how exciting!! i am so glad to hear that...and Don Veto: "BE NICE!!" :P~