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Just for Intlxpatr.

*Do your closest friends have any nicknames for you? They call me Sir.
*What would your ex-(boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse) say about you in one sentence? “You changed my life.”
*What is the greatest achievement of your life so far? Staying alive with no headaches.
*How should people think of sex in this, the 21st century? They should not think too much.
*Where would you live if anywhere was possible? Somewhere Intergalactic.
*Is there a religion that’s fulfilling for you and/or the masses? I can't speak for the masses but I am Muslim.
*What inspires awe in your life’s experience? Beauty.
*What was/is your best pick-up line? Don't have one, don't need one.
*What and when is the most potent emotion you’ve ever experienced and why? Frustration, but I quickly get over it.
*On what occasions do you act self-absorbed or just plain selfish? When I am sick, I want to suffer alone.
*If someone assigned you a quest, or if you decided your own, what would you be looking to find? I want to find dragons, they fascinate me.
*If you had to choose between them, would you live in Hollywood, Washington D.C. or New York, and why? I have been to all three; don't particularly like any of them.
*Who or what makes you feel “whole”? A heavy meal.
*Where is your greatest opportunity for change? On weekends.
*What do you consider to be the greatest opportunity for humankind? To stop talking and start listening.
*What surprises you about getting older? Things I would have done different if I knew what I knew today.
*What or who makes you feel younger or rejuvenated? Sleeping 10 hours and having a strong coffee.
*Where or when do you feel most alone? I am never alone.
*Where or how is society most ripe for change? When they change themselves first before asking for change from others.
*Do you think of yourself as attractive to the opposite sex? I am not that conceited.
*When or where do you feel the most free? At home.
*What is the greatest memory of your life to date? Lots of memories, lots of great times.
*Where and when did you find out who you really are? I never was lost.
*How and when do you collect your thoughts and why? When I wake up, I stopped doing that before I sleep because it does not help my sleep.
*If someone told you when and where you would die, what would you do immediately after being told? I would not believe them and keep on living.
*What are the best parts of being in love? Sharing.
*What’s your favorite libation (a drink offered to a god)? I never was invited on Mount Olympus.
*What “life philosophies” have you adopted since you’ve become an adult? Live and let live.
*How would you like to be remembered? Fondly.


  1. Thank you, Don Veto. I appreciate that you made the exception and that you took the time.

  2. carefully and cleverly answered! :)