Bangladeshi Workers Leaving Kuwait

Here is a picture of some of the Bangladeshi trouble makers Leaving Kuwait last Wednsday.

Bangladesh troublemakers being deported from Kuwait


  1. good ridance, even though it was shameful from our part.....!!!

  2. And what trouble did they make?!?

  3. They didn't cause any trouble. Not paying them their obscenely low salary of 20 KD for MONTHS... if I were them I would have done a lot more damage!

  4. yeah finally we will get local sweepers to kick ass .
    Would be fun watching those dashas clean our toilets

  5. exzombie: we didnt do anything, it was those slave master agents who did.

    evil: non peaceful demonstration including destroying cars, burning, and murder.

    dishevelled: i wouldnt want to be in their shoes.

    anon: you sound traumatized, any bad childhood experiences?

  6. Just like it wasn't "us" that brought them, we cant say that everyone in that line is bad or that all south asian workers are bad or say things like 'good ridance'....man i wouldnt want to be in their shoes either...im sure their lives back home arent that great...so let's cut them some slack especially when our countries were built and cleaned by their labor.