Modern Day Antiques

This weekend I was clearing up some junk treasures from one of the rooms in the house. I found a lot of things that I threw away like old CDs, VHS movies and dead computers. I also found some modern day antiques that would make any gadget junky proud to have.

Among the finds was this revolutionary Sony Mavica FD88 camera that boasted 1.3 Megapixels in picture resolution. The great thing about this camera was not the resolution but that it used floppy disks as its media to store photos. No fiddling with parallel ports or installing cards on your PC, just slide the floppy in and you can see the pictures. It was also high priced at the time. It cost me over KD 300.

Sony Floppy Disk Camera

Another camera that I found was the first model for the Casio Exilim, in addition to taking 1 MP pictures, it could also play MP3 files.

Front View

Back View

I also found this mirror silver Nokia Phone that was a big hit when it first came out. In addition to its small size, it had all the features of a larger Nokia phone with a fashionable mirror finish. It cost me 400 KD at the time.



  1. Kewl :)

    What are you going to do with all these treasures?


  2. OMG. I was just telling them at work yesterday about an old server. IT CAN'T BE GOOD, I said. It has floppy drive!

    seems you are regular snapper. Got a Flickr account?

  3. brave cat: I will offer them to the Louvres, after 50 years, for now I am guarding them under strict security.

    bashar: Brings back memories doesn't it. I dont have a flickr account, I post all my pics on photobucket but they are mostly pics I use on this blog.