Can Someone explain this ad for me ?

It has got Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfield meeting in a mall, after that I don't get it.


  1. i don't even get what's this is about... bad ad. just cz it's seinfeld and bill gates doesn't mean its a great ad.. i wonder whose idea was it..

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  3. Whoops. My bad, sorry bout that.

    Knowing Seinfeld it could be an advert contributing to lets say... an inside joke he used in an act?

    Or it can simply be a 'unique' ad of its own. It'd definitely catch my attention in the midst of all the other adverts. Sorta like how you can have a bunch of colorful cereal boxes and go for the plain white one with no label. Its boring, but you're mesmerized by it for being different and standing out. Perhaps that the message they're trying to send. MS (Windows really) is boring, but better than any other OS. I'm most likely over-analyzing this but who knows.

  4. It's basically talking about "flexibility" and then Jerry asks if we'll ever see something that "works" the way it should and Bill gives the ok.

    I think it's an ad for what's after Vista.

  5. it's an ad about nothing like seinfeld's show

  6. peony: me too, it must have a follow up I guess.

    sp4: It does create a buzz, like a teaser ad to something.

    3baid: You are beyond genius, it is beginning to make a little more sense. Thanks buddy.

    anon: maybe, maybe not.

  7. There you ago. Another meaningless ad. So far at least :)