Viva - not too original

The new Saudi third mobile operator in Kuwait has named itself VIVA. It chose a bright colored logo with a fun sounding name and you can expect massive ad carpet bombing all over kuwait announcing its arrival on the mobile market.

Here is a picture of the logo (I borrowed this from Some Contrast) :

Viva Saudi Mobile in Kuwait

Quite a few nice comments about the logo, but unfortunality, no originality, just a copy. That logo exists already and is used by an Indonesian mobile operator called Axis. Check it out here.


  1. its cos axis is owned by pt natrindo which is partly owned by Saudi telecom and maxis of malaysia.

  2. so they just replicated an indonesian logo ??

    maybe they shoudve spent less on newspaper ads and more on branding

  3. they do have some interesting offers...check my blog to read about them!...i do know more of whats to come from this company, but not eligibly to write about them!

  4. axis is one of STC brands in Indonesia ! like VIVA in Kuwait
    Communication person in VIVa

  5. all: thanks for all the comments, it will be interesting to see what kind of fun services they will offer.

  6. Liking your blog, I just wanted to clear something up - the logo is 7ag STC which has a branch called Axis in Indonesia same thing m3 Viva.. ;P