Trading Blogs and my two new friends, Fannie and Freddy

With the meltdown of the US market, here are some trading blogs that I follow.

I did not lose any money, in fact I made more than I ever did last week, not by shorting stocks because it has been stopped but by buying Fannie Mac [FNM] and Freddie May [FRE] while they where rising during a short squeeze. Extremely risky and stupid but it paid off.



On Tuesday, 23 September I bought FRE @ 0.97 and FNM @ 0.96, and I sold both the next day with FRE @ 1.92 and FNM @ 1.84.

Close to a 100% return, Kaching!


  1. lucky you. I bought at 4.40, 6.28 and 7.08. Should have sold at 7.9 but who knew they would bailout FNM while on the way up! Now I need to just sit and wait. I wanted to buy at .50 but didn't think it would hit 2.5 so quickly! That would have been easy money.

  2. shouldnt they be fannie mae and freddie mac?

  3. Thanks for sharing the info!

    Good Luck :)

  4. Well done, DV! We figure we stand to do well just by holding tight to what we've invested so far - it took a small loss, but we are in the for the long term, and figure this down time will be to our benefit soon, insh'allah.

    Eid Mubarak!

  5. mark: it was 99% luck and 1% timing. Now I will not get near the market, it is too wild to touch. I will wait until there is a definite trend.

    crackbery: you are right, thanks for the correction.

    palomino: you are welcome.

    Intlxpatr: THe US market always gets back on its feet eventually, you just need to make the right choices.