My mobile powered off

My mobile just powered off. I did not charge it last night and thought it would survive today with the remaining electrons orbiting inside its small battery.
I shook the mobile hoping I might budge some electrons into giving it a little extra shot of electrical adrenalin, but no use. It was as dead as a high tech brick.
My first reaction was a slight panic; I was cut off, isolated, castaway on a desert island.
I felt like I lost one of my five senses. I am not one of those people constantly having their mobile fixed to their ear like an extra appendage but I need to know that I can, on a whim, call anyone, connect to anything, or just have my mobile comfortingly cradling in my hand.
In my isolation I drove home, driving fast, afraid that opportunity might come knocking in the form of a ringtone and the caller will not be able to get through. I rushed in the house, plugged in my mobile and watched patiently as the dark screen lit up. The reassuring battery bar was pulsing like a heart post CPR. I felt whole again.


  1. Hahaha
    a tech junkie if there ever was one :p

    I can't tell you the pleasure I feel when I forget my mobile at home or when the battery dies...for a brief period of respite!

  2. everytime i hold a battery-powered device for sometime it recharges!

    it freaked my mother out when i was a kid as all the clocks i touch stop working as well.

    turned out i got extra electrons in me :P the doc said to my mom 1 outta 500,000 kid get that ;)

  3. jewaira: I know, I am hooked to my gadgets. :-)

    blasha: Does that mean you have a magnetic personality?