Bad Boy

When I was around 13, together with my best friend, we where walking on the park's fence which had a brick ledge. We wanted to walk all around the park's low wall and iron grate fence.

The park attendant saw us and shouted at us to get off. We flipped him the bird and he got mad so he chased us. We ran out of the park, into the street and down into an underground parking basement of one of the nearby apartment buildings. We took the utility elevator up to the 9th floor and hid there. We looked down the stairwell window and saw the park attendant looking for us down in the street. That was the baddest thing I can remember doing at this age.

I guess 13 year old boy's are more sophisticated these days. Check out what this bad boy did.


  1. oh my god hes only 13!!

    if only his brain was put to good use!

  2. Clever I say! Must be alot of gullible people out there to have been conned like that by him

  3. A police source said: "It was like he was addicted to conning people. And whenever he was confronted with what he did, he showed absolutely no remorse."

    You gotta wonder how this guy is going to turn out.

    Hmmmm. . . .so how did you turn out?? ;-)