Television in Bed

I have a television in my bedroom. When I wake up I watch music videos, when I get back from work I watch movies and before I sleep I change channels to a news channel with someone droning monotonously about world problems to help me sleep.

My TV set is around 8 years old and I need to upgrade it. I was thinking of a nice new flat panel that I can hang on the wall, but after seeing this TV setup here, this is exactly the type of TV I want.


  1. Woooowooo
    It is amazing
    When you wiled like to pay it
    Add one more for me :)

  2. blasha: dead serious, if I have a TV like that, I'd stay in bed for a whole month.

    vie: I love gadgets

    amigo: sure, we can get a bulk discount :-)

    intlxpatr: yeah, I wonder if a bed is included with the TV?

  3. i've neva watched tv in more than 6 yrs :D