Kuwait - Good or Bad ?

I wrote a post last year about Kuwait being my favorite place.

I came across this review by Katzen titled Kuwait - just a waste of space.

She does make some valid points but it all depends on how you see things.

Optimist or Pessimist

Maybe Kuwait is not for everybody.


  1. That was hard to read.
    But the whole time i went thru that i couldnt help but think are did she live in the same kuwait...mo ma3qola..

    but then i checked teh date,,,it was posted in 2003....A LOT has changed since then. A LOT! Most the things she mentioned actually. I still think she was exaggerating....plus obviously she was staying in the farther off areas like fahahel and mahboula where most teachers are housed....and if i a regular kuwaiti girl were to walk around i would be treated exactly the same time. al though i still think that less 't7tirish' goes on these days.

  2. oh and wayid badliyat...and typos in the previous comment....bs im sure u get the gist....too tired to correct ;/

  3. dr: I know, I was trying to demonstrate 2 views that are completely opposite talking about the same place, meaning its not the place but the perspective you have.

  4. whatever! 7ad-ha ma3indaha salfa! I get seriously agitated when people say things like that - I'm currently in NY (not NYC though) and I can assure you that their towns are so much more boring! They're freezing weather is horrible! And downtown so dangerous you probably need mace!

    she's just a racist bigoted mercenary. She said it herself she came for the money - she didnt research nada because she fail to exhibit any sign of her knowing BS about the culture...

    I'm glad she left - people like her are a waste of money.