Google Talk is Speaking In Tongues.

Google Talk, google's chat client and messenger is speaking different languages. Google has introduced new chat bots that are added as your chat friends. Whatever you type to these chat friends gets translated to the language choosen. Among the choices are:

ar2en, en2ar (Arabic<->English)
bg2en (Bulgarian->English)
de2en, en2de (German<->English)
de2fr, fr2de (German<->French)
el2en, en2el (Greek<->English)
es2en, en2es (Spanish<->English)
fi2en (Finnish->English)
fr2en, en2fr (French<->English)
hi2en (Hindi->English)
hr2en (Croatian->English)
it2en, en2it (Italian<->English)
ja2en, en2ja (Japanese<->English)
ko2en, en2ko (Korean<->English)
nl2en, en2nl (Dutch<->English)
ru2en, en2ru (Russian<->English)
uk2en (Ukrainian->English)
ur2en (Urdu->English)
zh2en, en2zh (Chinese<->English)

For instance, invite en2zh@bot.talk.google.com, open a chat with it, and then whenever you type something in English, the bot will repeat the same in Chinese (say e.g. “hello” and the bot correctly translates to “你好”).

Here is an example of me translating English to French:

Google Talk English to French

For more details you can go to Google Talk's blog, here.

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