Microwave Beams Fries Cars

One beam pulsed in a burst lasting just 50 nanoseconds is enough to disrupt a vehicle's electrical system. The radiation can overload wires or damage or upset the car's central microprocessor.

In tests on four vehicles, the researchers were able to disable cars from 10 to 50 feet away.
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This device is developed by Eureka Aerospace, a California company that specializes in Radio technologies. They plan on selling these devices to the Military and Police force in order to help stop cars entering restricted areas, or disable cars that are being chased by the police.

The technical details can be found here.

I suggest they release this device to the general public like me. I have a problem with stupid drivers cutting me off, or driving like they owned the road. Also, my neighbours feel they can freely park on my pavement whenever they feel like it. The neighbours do not park in a "sorry I had to park here" way, but instead in a blatant, block my door and garage entrance, sort of way.

I did not find any "Place an Order" button on Eureka's site, otherwise I would have bought one and fried all those pesky cars.


  1. make that order for 2 :) cud use it too!

  2. fonzy: I'll get one for you only if you promise not to zap my car ;-)

  3. if u drive normally, then u got nothing to worry bout :)