Siwak-F Review

While shopping around the local cooperative, I found a new toothpaste called Siwak-F.


The toothpaste has all the benefits of regular toothpaste with the extra bonus of having siwak extracts. Siwak is that desert bush that grows in the desert, the twigs are cut and used to brush your teeth. More information about siwak here.

Here is what a Siwak twig used for brushing looks like.

Miswak twig

I use siwak when I have a twig around me but I also brush my teeth with the regular toothbrush, so I was curious to try the siwak laced toothpaste. I nought myself a box and rushed home to try it.
The open box comes with a regular toothbrush which is quite convenient.

Open Box

There is also a folded paper describing the benefits of Siwak.


After a heavy meal of Chinese Noodles, sweet and sour shrimps, breaded shrimps. I rushed off to brush my teeth with the Siwak toothpaste. The results where clean shiny teeth, a funny aftertaste ( but that could have been the Chinese food) and overall good results. I give the Siwak.F toothpaste a five tooth award.



  1. I'd still prefer to make people uncomfortable when I use the twig, the nastyness is good.....!!!

  2. from where?? be specific plz

    i didn't find it in our jam'aya.

  3. exzombie: you know you are supposed to swallow not spit if you use the twig, right?

    anon: you can find it here:

    29 18 06.17 N
    48 00 14.13 E

  4. I don't suck there for I don't swallow.....!!!
    (couldn't resist)

  5. siwak + fluoride??
    i want use siwak because i dont want use fluoride... this product combine it? this is funny.....
    i think its useless if still use fluoride