A Day at the Office


It was a long meeting. We where all siting in the spacious meeting room listening to the presenter powerpointing away. The presenter was reciting the benefits and features of his solution, spouting long and complex technical terms in a deep monotonous voice. He was extremely intelligent and knew his business, the only problem was his very strong Indian accent. The meeting room was warm and I was sitting in a comfortable chair, resting my head on my hand, elbow on the table, I started to doze off. Suddenly I heard "friggin common" among the stream of technobabble. My ears perked like a Doberman Pinscher. "Excuse me", I interrupted. "Could you repeat what you said?" He said it again, "friggin common". I listened hard. I was not dreaming, he really said "friggin common"! "Please elaborate", I asked politely. He must have thought I was stupid, but humored me. He repeated again and explained slowly, "frequent command". I ordered turkish coffeee no sugar, the next time the coffee boy came and made the round for drinks.



    Love the new CLEAN look, too!

  2. thanks intlxpatr, glad you liked my attempts at art and prose :-)

    The blog is less cluttered now, wish I could just as easily unclutter my house.

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  4. Oh I once asked for a book at this bookstore in Dubai and the guy at the information desk asked me "which album"? I told him that there's no album it's a book. He repeated "which album" at which stage I think it would have been hard not to give him an Are-You-Kidding-Me look. I said something to the effect that it's not music it's a book I'm requesting. He decided to ignore my remark and took me over to where the book was and it turned out that the author's name was Mitch Albom.

    Kinda embawissing fow me