Slow Internet in Kuwait - Saudi Arabia saves the day

all of you in Kuwait are probably experiencing extremely slow Internet, I know I am.

Well the reason is two submarine fiber cables being cut, one off the coast of Alexandria, Egypt and the other off the coast of Dubai, UAE. The company owning these fiber cables is FLAG Telecom. Flag Telecom has an update from FLAG Telecom in PDF or you can read it here:

Update on Submarine Cable Cut - Daily Bulletin @ 0900 GMT February 1 2008
Bulletin will be updated Daily with Progress.

Cut # 1:
− FLAG Europe-Asia cable was cut at 0800 hrs GMT on January 30 2008.
− Location of cut is at 8.3 kms from Alexandria, Egypt on segment between Egypt and Italy.
− FLAG has restored circuits of customers who are covered under Pre-planned Restoration service.
− FLAG is implementing restoration on alternative route for customers who have requested Ad hoc Restoration service.
− The Repair ship is expected arrive at the site by February 5 2008. The Repair work will be completed within a week thereof.

Cut # 2:
− FALCON cable is reported cut at 0559 hrs GMT on February 1 2008.
− Location of cut is at 56 kms from Dubai, UAE on segment between UAE and Oman.
− FLAG is arranging Restoration of circuits for customers covered under Pre-planned Restoration service.
− Customers have been advised to contact their respective Account Managers for Ad hoc Restoration service.
− The Repair ship has been notified and expected to arrive at the site in next few days.

Here is the part of the FLAG fiber network:

FLAG Network

Right now, KEMS (my ISP) is being routed through Saudi Arabia by Sattelite.

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