Do Not Use an ATM Today

I needed some money to buy stuff for the house. My wallet was empty but I had plenty at the bank. Naturally, I headed to the ATM (automatic teller machine), slid my card in and I got a "Hardware Failure" message with my card spat out rudely. I left that misbehaving ATM and went to the next to it. Same result. I walked a few steps and went to another ATM from a different bank, this time the ATM asked for my PIN number. I touched the tiny keypad and nothing happened. I banged at the keypad and the hidden stars appeared. I withdrew money and all was well.

What I guess happened is that all these sensitive electrical contacts and magnetic readers are clogged up from all the dust in the air that we are experiencing in Kuwait.

Moral of the Story: Don't use an ATM today, it is clogged up and might not do what you want.


  1. We don't get snow, we don't get flooding, no huricanes, nothing..all we get is dust and yet our facilities can't deal with it! allah ye3en law 3endena 3awa9ef thaljeya chan sheno 9ar fi il deera!

  2. Well you're damn right here. Read this story to get some laugh:


  3. big pearls: I don't think it is the banks's fault, and I don't think the manufacturers of the ATMs ever imagined a place could get so dusty.

    bashar: hehe, great story.