My Macbook Air is here

I just received my Macbook air. Here are a few pics, now I got to go play work on my new Macbook.

Macbook Air in Box

Macbook Air against Rubik's cube

Side View


  1. looks great. congrats! hope you have lots of play, i mean work pleasure on it!

  2. yaaaaaaaaay, bel 3afyaaaaaa

  3. Mashallah! Looks great! Enjoy "working" on it.. :-)

  4. Mashalla o Congrat! bs f kha6ry shay wedy agola!

    el 9ara7a el macbook air is overpriced o concedered rich boy's toy. O I thought enah el emaratyeen ehm ely behboon 3laih akthar men el q8iyeen la2na w have some sort of common sence more than they do, relativly at least!.

    Bs this is the third q8i macbook air I see in the blog-o-sphere!

    ma sewat 3alaina kawader o zeyada :P

    anyway, enought ranting o enjoy it

  5. I use this small red VAIO, and i don't like it much 7asafa !

    Was thinking of MacBook, is it any good? Do you recommend it?

    You seem to know a thing or two abt laptops,
    What do you suggest?

  6. bb: Thanks, it is great.

    blasha: :-)

    shaymaa: Thanks.

    mishref: It all depends on your perspective, anyway I cannot resist having more gadgets to play/work with.

    glitter: the Macbook Air is probably best as a second laptop. I do have 2 other laptops and a desktop. I will see which one I end up using the most.

  7. hey, is the macbook air not working!? no posts??

  8. So other than a great theme song for its' commercials what say you about the Mac Air?

  9. wow! that's amazing! my comgratulations
    I've purchesed a macook Air too and I'm really happy I have it.
    Here's my review: http://www.maconair.com/the_pros_and_cons