Saving Water and Junk Mail

I get a lot of junk mail lying on my front gate at home. I usually collect it all and throw it directly in the trash bin sitting on my pavement. If I need some restaurant menu or special offers, I always go to my favorite site Kuwait Paper Dump to get the latest glossy menu and phone numbers for the different take out restaurant and services in Kuwait. I don't need to clutter my house with more paper. Many thanks to the Kuwait Paper Dump team for providing such great service.

Anyway, I am drifting off topic, I picked up one of the random envelopes sitting on my doorstep and it seemed unusually thick and heavy. I opened it and I found a packaged set of water flow restirctors with instructions on how to install them at the back of the box. The package is sponsored by the Kuwait Institute of Scientific Research and the Ministry of Electricity and Water.

Because of this free gift, I promise:

  • I will not waste water anymore.

  • I will not wash the 7osh (outside area) with a water hose but instead sweep it with a broom.

  • I will use only 1 bucket of water to wash the car instead of a water hose.

  • I will install an irrigation system for the plants outside instead of dumping the hose there and coming a few hours later.

Here are pictures of the package I found:

Save Water from KISR - Front

Save Water from KISR - Back


  1. just wondering, r u being sarcastic? I think that's a great move, but I'm sure most people will throw the thing out.

  2. miyafushi: It is isn't it.

    enigma: Not at all, I am not being sarcastic. I think it is a good move. I would also suggest billing people for water so that they don't use so much of it. The way the water is billed today is calculated based on your electrical consumption instead of actually looking at the water meter which is always malfunctioning. Because of this, people tend to have rivers running through their villas every morning from the abused water hose.

  3. It's a valiant start. Usually a campaign works better with a little preparation and community education. :-(

    I hate Friday mornings, when we see all the people out washing cars with running hoses, water, water everywhere, just wasting onto the streets. We grew up conserving water, and it's a lifelong habit.