Best Coffee Machine in the World

I was at a meeting held in a hotel and as part of the catering they had a Nespresso machine.

I had machine coffee before it was usually bitter and tasted like puddle water but I did not mind, as long as it had a strong caffeine kick. Nespresso is different. Nespresso comes with these small tin pouches that are colored according to the strength of the coffee you want. You insert the pouch in the slot just aboove the spout and press the button. After you press the button, the rest is magic. Neon lights flash, the machine hums, the pouch is punctured and blasted with a powerful stream of steam, and into your cup pours coffee. Even before you drink your coffee, the smell of freshly made coffee is all over the room, so strong you could taste it. Tasting the coffee, all your senses tingle. The feeling is so good, it probably is banned in a few backward countries.

Words cannot describe it, but here is a picture of this particular Nespresso machine.



  1. awesome! too bad u didn't youtube it! Was that in a hotel in Kuwait?

  2. We have one in the office :) same exact one! you can come over whenever you feel like it.

  3. nespresso is definitely the shit....

  4. "Shit" seems quite apropos when it comes to describing Nespresso:


  5. shaymaa: No it was in Saudi.

    Moey: If I ever come over, I will be sitting right next to the machine drinking cup after cup.

    ktdp: does that mean it is good?

    swag: I let my tastebuds judge, I don't care for reviews.