iPod Touch Upgrade - Success and Amazement

Check for Update for iPod Touch

I signed up to the iTunes store after it accepted my Kuwait credit card. Only apps are available for Kuwait currently. I managed to download 2 applications; Twitterific that allows you to tweet from your iPhone or iPod Touch, and Apple Remote which I felt was cool but did not really know how good it was.

I synced my iPod touch and then fingered around my iPod and could not find those apps installed there. I read up and found out that I needed to upgrade my iPod touch to version 2.0 of the firmware. I hit the "check for update" a million times and every time it told me the iTunes store was not available. It appears that after Apple introduced the iPhone 3G yesterday, iTunes could not handle all this traffic hitting its web servers, so I just gave up.

This morning I woke up and before anything, I turned on my comp and hit the upgrade button again. Success! This time I downloaded the new 2.0 firmware via iTunes and installed it. The whole process took just a little short of 1 hour on a 1 Mbps connection.

Twitterific was installed, and Apple Remote. I tweeted in twitter, and started Apple remote.

The Apple Remote app is mindblowingly amazing. What it does is it lists out all your iTunes library on your iPod Touch (and iPhone) and you select the song that you want. That song is played on your PC's speakers and you get to hear it. What is amazing is that as long as both your PC and iPod are both connected you can control the music played anywhere you are.

I got a nice set of speakers for my PC, but with this new capability I am going to buy a monster pair of speakers with trunk sized subwoofers so I can listen to my music anywhere in the house.


  1. Finally, I started to give up on apple because they do not respect the middle east market .. (No native Arabic support in their products (iPhone) and declining credit cards from here ) ..
    let's hope that this is a start ..

    I haven't checked the remote application yet, does it enable you to play audio on your computer when ur ipod is connected through cable to it or when they are both connected to the network ..

  2. mrmmmm: It allows you to remotely control your iTunes on your PC through your iPod Touch or iPhone. You don't need any cables, just have both your PC and iPod connected to the Internet. This means you could be on the other side of the world and still change the music on your PC. Amazing, isn't it!

  3. i updated as well but doesnt acknowledge wataniya or mtc cards