How to Add More Speed Dials in Opera (For Opera 9.5 or greater)

One of the coolest things about Opera is the speed dial where you are presented with a quick shortcut to your favorite destiantions every time you open a new tab or window in Opera. The Speed Dial displays a 3 x 3 mini image of your favorite web sites to allow you to quickly jump to those sites.

Opera Speed Dial 3x3

I always wanted to include more sites so I found this little tweak that allows you to increase the number of speed dials. like this:

Opera Speed Dial 4x4

You can do this as follows:
  1. Find out where your Opera Directory is located on your computer by going to Help -> About Opera

  2. find the Opera directory and open it.

  3. Find the speeddial.ini file

  4. copy the speedial.ini file to a backup file like speeddial.ini.backup (always back up any settings files just in case something might go wrong)

  5. Close your opera browser (very important)

  6. Open the speeddial.ini file in and text editor and add the following lines to your speeddial.ini


    save the file of course.

  7. Start Opera again and you have more speed dials to add more of your favorite links there.

This hint was taken from Operawatch.com and from Remco's web page

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