Ceramic Tiles or Wooden Floor?

I have a room with ceramic tiles or kashee as we call it here in Kuwait.

I didn't like the look of it, it was cold, and there was echo when you walked on it and I wanted to do something a little different instead of putting your generic wall to wall carpet. So I put in a rosewood floor.

What do you think does it look better?

Ceramic Tiles

Wood Floor


  1. hey

    looks good
    from where did u get the wood?

    iv been wanting wooden floors for a while

  2. The wood floors look GREAT. And they are softer to the feet and things don't break so easily when you drop them accidentally. Did you go solid wood, engineered wood or one of the laminates?

  3. I opted for the wood floors too. The One store - Bo Design section -has a wonderful wood floor that I wish I could find in Kuwait.

    Have you been to Steps in The Avenues? I checked out their carpets and almost choked when I saw the pricetag - 900 kd for an area rug of only around 4'x6'.

  4. anon: thanks

    vie: I agree

    intlxpatr: it was solid wood planks, around 1 cm thick.

    desert: I have not been to the avenues much, but wall to wall carpet prices these days are ridiculous, you are better off putting slabs of gold on the floor.