No more please

J K Rowling, the Billionaire author of the Harry Potter series is writing a two new books.

Personally, I think Harry Potter was a combination of Oliver Twist, Enid Blyton's St. Clare series and Ursula Le Guin's Wizard of Earthsea Magic, with a little messiah story thrown in.

Hell, I am going to mash up a few old books and come up with a best seller, maybe.


  1. mash away!

    if mashing makes u this rich!

    and puts u down in history

    hell ill help!

  2. Yup, if you come up with anything as fascinating as Harry Potter - I say go for it!

    She did well for herself, that Rowling girl.


  3. You might get lucky with the right recipe ;)

  4. all: My story will be about a Kuwaiti wizard, but it will be short story, because he will be arrested by the police and spend the rest of his time in jail trying to conjure his escape from prison.

  5. I heard Harry potter was enhanced version of older books. Is that true?

    I don't like magic movies but I think story and script writing of Harry Potter movies are great. I didn't read any of the books, so if the two new books are really great, I will not get to know live them.

    But don't you agree it's better to stop now than keep adding to Harry Potter tell it get's sick!