What Music to Choose?

I am going out in 10 minutes, and I played the CDs in my car so much, even the car CD player is sick of them. Time for new music, but what music can I choose. I want music that I like but not something that I am sick of hearing over and over again. I could sit down for a few hours and make a perfect compilation CD but I cannot spare the time, instead I put together a smart playlist on my iTunes. The result was a perfect selection. Here is the Smart Playlist I created:


I got over 8000 songs on my iTunes, I did not hear all of them, I just dump any music in there.

To select my songs for my quick CD, I had the smart playlist choose the songs that I heard over 3 times, that I rated 5 stars and never skipped over. I ended up with 3 audio CDs after I burnt it. Now for some happy musical driving.

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