Smile Crisis

There is a serious crisis in this country. People are not smiling. Girls look like they are smelling something bad, boys look like they are going to kill someone.

Smile people, life is too short to have a constant frown.

If you need help smiling, this little mouthpiece from Japan can help you:


According to the instructions

The Beauty Smile Trainer is basically a mouthpiece, but it's designed specifically to make your smile wider and more amicable than the one you already have. It's even endorsed by a cosmetic dentist (the woman on the top left.) In addition to improving your smile, the product promises to reduce facial sagging, making your countenance more firm and petite.

Discovered here from TOKYOMANGO.


  1. loooooooooooool

    finding out about it made me smile!!!!!

  2. whatever will they think of next! Interesting.