Don't Give up on Vista

I got a new laptop. I turned it on and to my shock horror surprise amusement. I thought, let me give Vista a chance. I tried to start a few programs, and I got a multitude of dialog boxes asking me to confirm each and every action to keep me safe and warn me about potential security threats. "Are you sure you want to do this ?", "Your information might be exposed", "You are going to an unsafe link", "Do you want coffee?", "Do you need a jacket to keep warm?". OK, the last two are my own.

After a few hours of this ordeal, I started swearing at Vista. "Vista is the bloody operating system, it is running on a high powered dual core brand new laptop, if I need to tell it how to keep me safe then I don't need it.

I had 2 choices, downgrade to Windows XP or try Ubuntu. I did not have any important data on the laptop so I downloaded the latest version of Ubuntu Gutsy gibbon and booted up with my freshly burnt CD. It booted up and gave me the option to install, which I happily did.

Surprisingly, Ubuntu detected all my hardware even my Bluetooth, and worked seamlessly. I started playing with it and so far so good. No problems, no crashes, no freezing and no irritating dialog boxes. I installed some software for Ubuntu and never did it ask me to reboot as Windows always does.

I think I will stay with Ubuntu for a while.


  1. I feel degraded when using the vista.....!!!

    MOS are great but if only they handled arabic well, they would be top notch.....!!!

    I say don't give up on vista, pee on it then format.....!!!

  2. i hate it when people praise Linux or mac because of their stupidity.

    guys vista need educated people.

    EXzombie you feel degraded ??!! i think Microsoft will feel degraded for that type of users.

    you can spend two minute in control panel to turn off these things but nevertheless some users refuse to learn.

  3. Well that chance I don't have to give to Vista to see how bad it is. I can't believe they pushed this annoying Ask About Everything nagging thing as a way to overcome security issues. So in a way, what they're saying is, it's your mistake if something goes wrong!

    Good time with Ubuntu

  4. anonymous,

    you sounded just like the retards that glorify Mac or Mic just for the spite of it, I am concerned with myself as a consumer and user of any fucking OS, Vista is crap, and I tryed for 2 months to come in terms with it, but rebooting every now and then, held from downloading what I want of programs, and many things all add up to me being not satisfied by thier product, for your information, I'm using now WXP which is better at least and with fewer problems than Vista.......!!!

    I use the MOS when working on films, cuase I have relative freedom and abundance of programs, I do not limit myself to a sigle brand, I use what I want, when ever I want, regardless of your existance or worshiping to Microsoft, and if I think that Microsoft is crap (which is true) then not you, nor any asshole can tell me how or whom I should use......!!!

    in the end, Vista is not a user friendly, and why do Microsoft give you the option if you purchased a VOS to "downgrade" to XP.....?!