How Much Money Does Kuwait Have ?


According to the CIA, link here, Kuwait has $ 51,490,000,000 as part of its current account. I don't know if this number represents money sitting in the bank or a total of Kuwait's liquid assets. We are number 9 in the list. China is the first in the list and has 7 times more cash than us. Japan follows next with 3.8 times more cash than Kuwait. Among Arab countries, Kuwait is second to Saudi Arabia with the Saudis having 1.73 times more money than Kuwait. Out of 164 countries, 103 countries have negative balances and 61 have positive balances. The United States has a deficit of $747,100,000,000.


  1. current account = balance of trade (exports - imports) + interest and dividends + foreign aid

    naturally our exports alone can account for that high ranking

  2. Noooo....you revealed our secret. Now the rest of the Arab world will continue to try to milk us while talkin smack through Al-Jazeera...now you done it.