What does Google think of your city?

Google has a variant of its search engine, that gives suggestion after you type a few words listing out the most popular search terms. You can find it as Google Suggest.

I tried, just for fun, a few cities and see what people where looking for in these cities. Here are a few results.

Starting with Kuwait:


Five air travel related sites, seems like a lot of people want to leave and / or come to Kuwait.


Riyadh has a lot of people looking for the latest news followed by banks and commerce.


Dubai is really becoming a second home with people looking up properties and holidays there.


Baghdad is not very appealing with Baghdad burning one of the top searches, with green zone and curfew coming close.


Paris, well known as the City of Love, has got paris je t'aime as one of the most popular searches. Other results include museums and Paris by night.

San Francisco

San Francisco with silicon valley right next door, has its state university listed, and the public library also. Lots of smart people there.

Here are a few other search results, or try your own on Google Suggest to see what google thinks.

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  1. LOL i think everyone is looking for a way to escape kuwait!

  2. Map, airport, region.
    And nothing more :-(

    Zhizn' is horosho.
    Just trying to get my life back on track :-)

    And how are you?
    Glad to see that you keep blogging!:-)


  3. An interesting idea. I'm glad people mostly search for decent stuff :)

  4. no3ik: could mean everyone wants to come here.

    Sever: Nice to see you again.

    jewaira: the indecent stuff cannot be found in Kuwait. You need to use other keywords.