I should be a bodyguard.

I just read something about an ex-bodyguard suing Lindsay Lohan because she did not pay him.

The bodyguard says he was not paid $55,000 which works out to be around KD 14,584 for 19 weeks of work. Hmm, 19 weeks, this means KD 14,584 / 19 weeks = 767 KD per week, meaning around 108 KD a day.

I don't see much risk in being a bodyguard for an actress, unless she is attacked by critics. Usually critics attack in columns and web sites and do not use guns. The Bodyguard says "his duties included protecting Lohan from fans and the paparazzi, accompanying her to industry events and obtaining VIP tables at clubs and concerts.".

So the work involves pushing a few camera faces around and making reservations.

I make more than him but I work long hours and get lots of stress which I solve by drinking bucket loads of coffee. I have a big built and I can look very threatening. Maybe I have the wrong job.


  1. I don't think that you work for longer hours than him since he has to be at her side whenever she's awake as she might decide to leave at anytime. Plus she stays out till like 4-5 o'clock in the morning.

  2. so you make more than him... maybe you need a body guard, not for the buckets of coffee, but for the buckets of money you make...
    oh and btw, how's the waiting list doing for my flight tickets? if the bahrain list is shorter, we'll go there instead of florida! :)

  3. anon: Its Lindsay Lohan, most of the time she is drunk or high, the rest of the time she is sleeping or in rehab. I see a 1 hour working day.

    bb: Isnt everyone making more with the stock market in Kuwait booming?

    Still on the waiting list, we had a little problem with American Airlines grounding 300 flights. I will keep you posted.

  4. My school provides me with a bodyguard when I'm walking late at night. Not that I ever walk, but it's good to have the option, no?

  5. Haha you just HAD to say you make more than him!

    Shameless show off

    :P :P

  6. adorra: you must be famous.

    QC: I am raking it in :-D

  7. But do you think he works less than you do? He has to walk by her everywhere she goes.

    Doesn't sound much fun to me :)