Mini Rants

I don't get upset easily. Usually I find those situations funny. So these are not really rants, more like small bothersome events that make the day more interesting.

Don't you just hate when you go to Starbucks / Columbus / Costa / (insert your favorite coffee shop name) etc. and you order coffee and some muffin or sandwich, you pass the cashier a bill and then they ask for change? Excuse me Mr. Cashier, I only have a wallet and try not to carry coins in my pocket so I don't sound like a piggy bank, you are the one standing behind a cash machine stuffed with cash from selling over priced coffee, also if you don't have change, stop pricing your coffee at 1 Dinar and 457 fils. Give it nice round numbers and you will not have a change problem.

I got a call this morning from an Egyptian lady, she called my mobile and knew my name. I wonder who is giving away my mobile number. She said they had a special offer for house water filters, they will send an Engineer over for free and check my water filter and even check the parfor. I asked, what is a parfor she said it is part of the water filter, so I asked again, what is it specifically? She hmmmed, and she aaahhed for a few minutes then she said she had no idea, she was just told to call this list of numbers and to tell the victims on the list about the free engineer visit. OK, I thanked her and said I will call them and closed the phone.

I got a call from Kentucky Fried Chicken later today, they had good news for me. They have selected 50 lucky people in Kuwait and I was one of them. I won a free order of chicken if I ordered one order, I would get the second one for free. So I told the chicken guy I just had dinner and if I could possibly call him tomorrow when I was more hungry, he put me on hold, then came back and said he got special permission from his manager and they will extend that offer just for me. I just needed to call Kentucky tomorrow at the same time and ask for Mamdooh Hanafi and he will save that offer just for me. I am so fortunate, but I don't feel like eating hormone pumped chemically preserved oil soaked chicken tomorrow so I think I will pass on that offer.

Now for something completely unrelated, here is David Bowie with Heroes:


  1. I just spiled a skinny mocha no-whip on my keyboard!

  2. All those things are bothersome and bug me.

    I love the pac man header!!

  3. I went to a games exhibition in London twice and both times had a sore shoulder the next day from the excitement of playing on the PacMan machine.

  4. intlxpatr: sorry :-)

    anon: Thanks, you must be a Bowie fan.

    jewaira: Pacman is a classic, Ms. Pacman is also fun.

  5. Haha LOVED the poll (I chose the baby!) and loved your comments on each of those annoying scenarios - I so agree!