Two strikes you are out

According to Gulf Daily News:

Kuwait to deport expats for second traffic offence

KUWAIT CITY: Kuwait is to get tough with expatriates who fail to respect the rules of the road and will even deport repeat offenders.

"The interior minister (Sheikh Jaber Khaled Al Sabah) has ordered that expatriates who jump a red light and have a previous conviction for a traffic offence should be deported," a senior interior ministry official said yesterday. He said his department will implement the order strictly in a bid to promote road safety.

Please don't apply these rules, not because we do not want to lose our guest workers but because the roads are already slow because of overcautious expat drivers driving at the speed of snails and holding the traffic back behind them. Put more cameras instead and make more money from the exorbitant fines.


  1. Don, how come this only applies to "guest workers"? What will the consequences be for Kuwaiti offenders?

  2. Nothing will happen to Kuwaiti offenders, of course.

  3. bbq8: Kuwaitis get sent to Failaka, I don't really know and I don't want to find out. I am going to behave myself on the roads.

    QC: well they can't send us anywhere but maybe make us pay very high fines to finance the expat offenders air tickets.