Annoying Web Sites

Sites that have flash animations as intros when you first visit them annoy me. Sites that have music playing in the background make me hit the mute button or the close window key. It is generally considered bad design if your site has these unnecessary embelishments. One site that breaks these good design rules but I though was really cool is clustarack.com .

Check it out here. I am sure you will agree.


  1. I don't like the flashing on the Bayan Bilingual School website.

    It makes it difficult to read

  2. looool is this what engineers do in their spare time ??? =P

    w yea i mute + skip everything 2 lol

    w btw i love the whooole world lel7een m3alga eb mokhi ! i blame uu !!

  3. jewaira: I know what you mean, it is annoying.

    play well: great song, isnt it.