Mars Looks Like Kuwait



No, this is not the Kuwait desert, this is a picture of Mars recently taken by the Phoenix Mars Lander. More informtation from NASA can be found here.

That got me thinking, what is the difference between Mars and Kuwait.

Mars is mostly desert, so is Kuwait.
Men are from Mars, Kuwait has got men also.
The Mars landscape looks a lot like Kuwait, Kuwait looks like Kuwait.
Scientists suspect the possibilty of life in Mars, I am still looking for life in Kuwait.
Walking around Mars without a space suit can kill you. Walking outside in Kuwait for extended periods under the hot sun can kill you.
Mars has dust storms, Kuwait has dust storms.

Note to NASA, save yourself some money and come look at Kuwait instead of going all the way to Mars.


  1. lol "looking for life in kuwait".. its underwater ;)

  2. Laaaa 7aram ;( ilkuwait wallah 7ilwa.
    A7ibha ;(

  3. Hahahahaha...

    Nice catch.

    I guess NASA has already been informed by department of defense, americans dont like Kuwaiti desert. Go search somewhere else :P

  4. The question is, where are the mars bars from?

  5. You wrote this? Are you related to Purgatory?

  6. nq: I should dive more.
    DR: I like it too, but I don't like the dust.

    bashar: Thanks

    Miya: they come from Nestle Planet, or is it Cadbury?

    intlxpatr: Reading the post again, it does have a certain purgish style to it.